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David Wilburn Lewin was born in Clarendon Jamaica to parents Rudolph Wilburn Lewin and Alice May Lewin. He is one of nine children born into a household based on a foundation of strong Christian values.

The road to becoming a pastor stemmed from David’s love for God.  Although brought up by Christians parents, he did not truly know what the love of God was until he read Galatians 3: “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth...”  Through this, David's heart was changed.

David began to realise how foolish he was to not give his life to the Jesus. When the realisation of this sunk in, David transformed his life. He called his pastor in the early hours of the morning and was baptised in the Name of Jesus.

God’s love had became such a powerful magnet in his new found life, that when he was filled with the Holy Ghost, David’s girlfriend was convicted within her heart to give her life to the Lord also. As she was baptized, she was instantly filled with the Holy Ghost. That same day he proposed to her. They were married within three months and now after thirty- eight years and two children later, they are still together and happily serving the Lord.

Pastor Lewin’s motivation for Bethel United Church Luton, is to carry out the commission of God: to seek and save the lost, the homeless and cater to the needs of the community.

Pastor Lewin’s sole desire is for all to know the fullness of Christ’s love, in his own words:

“Whatever God requires of me, that is what I will do. Doesn’t mean I’m perfect, sometimes I fail.  Sometimes I make mistakes, sometimes I do things because my flesh rears up upon me and I try to struggle it down, and you still have that fight all the way. Though the devil speaks into your mind and you think that is what you should be doing, when in actual fact it’s against God. So you’re always wrestling, but if you love God, then you become like David a man after Gods own heart.”

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